What’s The Best Carpet Cleaning Method

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This is a common question we get all the time and I will try and explain the different techniques and the benefits and disadvantages of each. First you have the rental or store bought type of equipment which would fall into the portable carpet steam cleaning category. Now these for obvious reasons may be one of the worst choices for carpet cleaning do to be so underpowered they are not able to properly rinse or recover any of your cleaning solution which will cause rapid resoling. Believe me if those little machines worked well us professional would not spend twenty thousand dollars on just our machine alone.
Ok, then you have dry cleaning or bonnet cleaning which uses a dry cotton pad typically to buff if you will the carpet in hopes of transferring the loosened dirt to the pad itself. Not very effective and since there is no rinse of the carpet pile lots of cleaning residue is left to rapidly re-soil just like the do it your self machines.
Then you have truck mounted steam cleaning equipment which are powerful gasoline engines mounted inside the vans or box trucks. These are state of the art equipment that create unrivaled vacuum and heated water like nothing else in our industry. Not to mention this processĀ is the preferred method of the world largest carpet manufacturer. When proper steps are taking this is by far and away the most thorough longest lasting clean in the industry. Simply put a pre vacuuming is done, then a pre treatment cleaner is applied and lightly agitated into the carpet pile, then a very thorough and hot rinse is done, and finally a very strong vacuum extracts all the contaminants and cleaning residue as well as the water from the carpet. This will leave you with a fresh and soft feeling carpet free of everything you wanted out of it as well as free of cleaning residue so many others leave. This is the process my company uses exclusively and our clients love it!


The importance of cleaning carpet

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Carpets are among the most popular materials used in America as flooring for homes. While they enjoy this popularity, they also enjoy, the brunt of the wear and tear as well. Carpets can be absolutely beautiful in a home, but when they become sullied and mired with filth, they all of a sudden begin to lose their appeal. Food stains, drink stains, and dirty feet are among the worst enemies of a good carpet. Fortunately, there is a way to counteract these forces. Ever since carpets have been around, there have been carpet cleaners. Doing it yourself is a arduous, painstaking task that most people would rather avoid if they could. Furthermore, if you don’t have professional experience, equipment, and chemicals, attempting to clean your carpet yourself may be a bad idea.

This is why the professionals are around. Professional carpet cleaning services can ensure that you have a clean carpet in little to no time. One thing that professional carpet cleaners are going to do is to improve the appearance of your home; however, there are also some major health benefits associated with cleaning your carpet as well. The American Lung Association states that if you have people whom live in your home with any breathing conditions such as snoring or asthma, you should definitely have your carpet cleaned at least once per year.

A dirty carpet can retain many different pollutants from the air, such as: pet dander, cockroach allergens, lead, particle pollution, and dust particles. what then happens, is that toxic gases bond themselves to these particles and also gets trapped in your carpet; meaning every time you walk across the carpet, you release a bit more of the irritating substances. Professional carpet cleaning Tampa can remove harmful bacteria as well as deeply trapped pollutants with high-powered vacuums. Another benefit of professional carpet cleaning is the fact that it actually extends the life of your carpet!

The problem of dust mites has become somewhat of an epidemic in America; however, many homeowners are not aware that they even have an infestation. The main reason is because the creatures are microscopic in size. Professional carpet cleaning Tampa uses high temperature steam to elevate your carpet to a temperature that dust mites cannot survive. Professional carpet cleaning also eliminates mold and mildew from your homes’ carpet, leaving your house dry and dust free!