Our Equipment

truck mounted steam cleaning TampaJust like with any task, using superior tools means superior results. All of our equipment is up-to-date state of the art.

After a year of testing and research we discovered the most powerful and efficient equipment and tools to clean your carpet, upholstery and tile.

In this industry using a truck mounted steam cleaning Tampa is a must. In our testing we finally decided on the best of the best: The PROCHEM Legend GT. This is an amazing machine that creates unrivaled heat (up to 260 degrees) and vacuum power so strong we can empty a bathroom tub in seconds and enough pressure to clean driveways off.

The worlds largest carpet manufacturers recommend truck mounted steam cleaning as their preferred method!

This unit is great for flood cleanup and commercial use but we decided on it because we want our clients to have the fastest dry times possible. The high heat means much cleaner and sanitized cleanings, the extremely strong vacuum means much faster dry times, the pressure means much better rinsing. This machine really creates jaw dropping results!

If you would like to see this machine in action give us a call: 727-742-5677

We look forward to serving you.